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Virtual Translator API Rally

So what's going on now with the Translate API that Google cancelled? They announced that it will no longer be active by December, but now there are rumors that they will still provide the API, just for a price. So is it true or just that - rumors?
Honestly, we need to know. I mean, as someone who has a website and product that very much relies on this API, I think it would only  be fair to give us time to prepare. Saying that they are cancelling it in December does that, but what do I do know with the paid-version rumors?
I've already started looking into WhiteSmoke Translator for an alternative. To be honest, I  first thought of Babylon Translation - but apparently their translation also relies on Google's Translate API!!!
For now, WhiteSmoke is the only company I found that owns their own translation software.
I've also done a bit of digging into this technology - apparently there are only four companies in the whole word who have this technology (SMT - statistical machine translation). Google and WhiteSmoke are both of those four - does anyone know who the other two are?


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