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Google, Microsoft, WhiteSmoke Translator APIs

Wow... Google's latest news created a tsunami of very angry posts everywhere.
I understand, I too use the Google API and will have to find an alternative for my sites.
At first I was thinking Microsoft but then when I translated a couple of sentences in the Bing Translator and the the Google Translator, there was no doubt that the Google Translator translated better.
Then I tried WhiteSmoke - I have the software and there's a Translator tab there. The translations there are better than Bing, just as good as Google and have nothing to do with the Google API!

Now... is there a WhiteSmoke Translator API available? I couldn't find any information so I call out to all affiliates and business owners out there who are outraged by Google's news and bummed by the Bing/Microsoft alternative - ask for a WhiteSmoke Translator API! It's like a virtual rally with "We want a WhiteSmoke API" signs. Maybe if we make enough virtual noise, they'll provide the service, because their Translator is definitely worth it!

~~That Girl CO.

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