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My Rant on Spelling Mistakes

First of all, I’d like to thank “Jane” of Mediocre Jane for the great newbie blog. Jane usually blogs concerning topics she can rant about. It’s actually quite entertaining. You should definitely check it out. Speaking of rants, it’s time for me to go on one of my own…
With all the spell-checking options available, how is it that I still see so many spelling mistakes? If I make a typo in any Microsoft program or my Internet Browser (the main places I write), a little squiggly line appears to bring it to my attention. It’s so easy to slip up, but it’s so hard to ignore those squiggles. There is absolutely no excuse for spelling mistakes in written work, and I’m sick of seeing them everywhere.
Context-based errors are more difficult to catch, but that’s why software like WhiteSmoke comes into play. WhiteSmoke 2011 with WhiteSmoke Translator works with pretty much any text-based application and catches spelling, grammar and style mistakes, including contextual ones.
Between the free applications on your computer and the inexpensive applications you can download, there is really no excuse for poor spelling anymore. So please, do us all a favor and proofread your work.