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Is it me?

Or do some people live to drive others insane?

Seriously, I have to know...


Proofread Your Tattoos!

So I thought walking around with a spelling mistake on your clothes was bad but here's something that definitely wins the "WTF?!" award.
Tattooed Typos

Dude, seriously - you're marked for life with a spelling mistake. I mean, wow...
I suggest you start saving up for lasering it off.  Maybe it won't be that expensive, it's only one letter.

Another small suggestion - wear a shirt...

-That Girl


Don't Brag Your Mistakes

Ok this t-shirt deserves a reaction, I'm sorry.
I don't know who the "stud" wearing it is, but I think you should add
"Any woman with half a brain who can spell would laugh in my face"

Honestly, if you're going to brag about how wonderfully perfect you are, at least don't make a spelling mistake doing it! That'll just make you look stupid.
It's called WhiteSmoke dudes (spell check is soooo last year). Check it out, you might actually get a date.

-That Girl